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  1. Tarball sightings
  2. *** does this mean.
  3. Update
  4. Buffet
  5. ROV feeds
  6. Outside The Lines- Paradise Lost
  7. New moritorium
  8. Rig #2 GONE!!!
  9. Jindal for President!!!!
  10. Oily water
  11. obama demands to remove cap
  12. Chest pains!
  13. Future Drilling Permits
  14. US Government Gives Go-Ahead For BP Well Testing
  15. flow stopped?
  16. Oil spill timeline
  17. Oil sheen everywhere
  18. Oil off the Texas Coast
  19. Suspected oil related animal statistics
  20. uh oh
  21. Cameron tar balls not from BP
  22. Valdez spill's effects on fish raise concerns
  23. Gulf oil spill could affect boat insurance
  24. How we drill for oil
  25. Gulf Newsletter
  26. Seafood fishermen hurt themselves
  27. Drew Landry
  28. neat video
  29. OK, who is
  30. Good Read
  31. Live feed from Economic Survival Rally Laf.
  32. Delmar Employee: "Deepwater drilling was last bit of economic stability"
  33. Washington Response to Rally in Laf.
  34. Evacuate Louisiana
  35. How Noble Is Dealing With the Gulf Disaster
  36. Judge halts oil, gas development on Alaskan seas
  37. almost august
  38. Oil off of Grand Chenier
  39. N. Guard moving out
  40. BP claims centers coming to parish
  41. Smell Test????
  42. New oil spill containment system for Gulf of Mexico
  43. Water sampling boat
  44. crabs filled with black substance
  45. Oil in Blue Crabs..........
  46. Fewer turtles being found soaked in oil from Gulf of Mexico spill
  47. Gulf of Mexico fishing gets OK in more than 5,000 square miles of federal waters
  48. The threat of the 'fake fishermen':
  49. Moratorium trickling down to shallow water rigs
  50. Time to re-submit your BP claim
  51. Clear act 2010-changing the gulf and the ocs
  52. Oil still out there....
  53. Presidents advisors just made a visit to my platform
  54. drilling permits?
  55. Oilfield workers can file claims
  56. Alaska drilling for 2011
  57. DW Horizon Remembrance
  58. What it takes to file a pemit
  59. WOW!!!!
  60. Obama Administration to process permits and implement new OCS moratorium
  61. Just Saying
  62. Cost of waiting on permits
  63. good for him
  64. Presidential Commission Report and Recommendations
  65. Deepwater rigs may go back to work soon.
  66. BOEM asking for comments
  67. Shell receives first new permit to drill
  68. New rig in GOM
  69. One of the Biggest OIL Spilll MORONS
  70. Must see documentary on the BP oil spill