View Full Version : Shell volunteers build floating islands off Louisiana coast

09-30-2011, 01:56 AM
Coastal Conservation Association's Building Conservation Habitat Program, in partnership with Shell Oil Company, Terrebonne Parish Government, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, America's Wetlands, Entergy and Enterprise Products, launched a restoration project to rebuild part of the coastline in Terrebonne Parish utilizing the unique "Floating Islands" product.
http://sww.shell.com/ua/news/1650752704/floating_project_352.jpghttp://sww.shell.com/ua/news/145438164/floating_project2_352.jpgOn Friday September 23, Shell volunteers literally created 1,000 ft. of floating islands in south Louisiana near the Isle de Jean Charles. For 170 years, Native Americans have lived and celebrated their traditions on this speck of land off the Louisiana coast. They fished and they farmed, carving out an existence amid the bays and marshes. But now, the waters that have sustained them are threatening to overwhelm them. Just over a year ago local agencies started looking at ways to implement a Floating Islands Restoration Project in an area known as ground zero for coastal land loss.

The Floating Islands Project is a relatively new concept for coastal restoration and habitat enhancement - it's the first floating island restoration technology that has been used in this way. The floating islands create a man-made ecosystem that mimics naturally occurring wetlands. They are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, which are safe for marine life, and Coast Guard approved marine foam for buoyancy, held in place on a PVC pipe frame. The mats, planted with native species, will grow a root system to the water bottom, trap sediments and grow toward and tie into the disappearing marsh. It will strengthen and flourish into a sustainable mass. It will also serve as a fish habitat.

Volunteers from the SEEDS network and Shell Pipeline joined 60 children from two local schools for the project. Not only was this volunteer activity impactful on our local community, it was FUN!
SEEDS is a network of Shell employees supporting the principles of sustainable development within Shell and the communities in which we operate through awareness, education and community volunteerism.