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Canadian Black Bears
05-13-2012, 02:30 PM
Hey guys and ladies, I am new to this site. I love to hunt and fish with 30 years of experience behind me.

I started Canadian Black Bear Outfitters in late 2011 with a web site www.blackbearoutfitters.ca (http://www.blackbearoutfitters.ca) as I wanted to see if anyone was as interested in Black Bear hunts as much as what I am. I only do Black Bear hunts as a specialty as I feel it is by far the most exhilerating experience a hunter can have.

The pics are of bears hitting my sites in 2011.

Check out my facebook page at Canadian Black Bear Outfitters.

Cheers and safe hunting everyone!!

I make oil
05-13-2012, 03:54 PM
Never hunted bears in Canada. Have hunted twice in Maine. It's a great time. I might have to make a trip to Canada with my bow one day. The two I killed in Maine were with a rifle.

05-13-2012, 03:58 PM
I went to Canada on a guided bear hunt. Ended up coming home empty handed, so I imagine I'll be headed back for redemption!!

05-13-2012, 04:45 PM
Killing a bear is on my bucket for sure.

Canadian Black Bears
05-13-2012, 05:14 PM
You guys are absolutely right, there is nothing better than a bear hunt. I started 8 years ago and have been fortunate enough to have a 100% success rate; however, the first few years were tough, I think I had blisters on my blisters from sitting so long....it paid off in the end (no pun intended) as I learned different strategies to make it easier and no so hard in the end (no pun intended again :D)

Cheers and safe hunting