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Forum Rules

Below are the rules. Please read and be familiar with these rules. Any violation will result in an infraction being given. Accumulating a certain number of infraction points results in a temporary ban, with the length of the ban dependent on the number of infraction points. Points are cumulative, so when your ban ends, you still have that number of points. Another infraction results in a longer ban the second and third times. Accumulate enough points and the ban becomes permanent.

Now that we have that lined out, here are the site rules:

1) No Bashing - If you disagree with someone, feel free to state your opinion. Do not resort to namecalling, threats, etc. We are all (mostly) adults here, let's act like it. This especially includes threatening/bashing someone's family, or attempting to affect their livelihood (e.g. calling their boss to tell them they are spending too much time on the internet). If I find out about it, you will be permanently banned.

2) Watch Your Language - If you don't want people saying something in front of your 8 year old daughter, don't say it here. That includes variations of curse words with a letter or two changed. Everyone knows what it means and it is not allowed. Abbreviations such as LMFAO, WTF, etc. are fine. If someone is old enough to know what it means, they already know the word in question anyway. There is a word censor in place on the forum to keep most curse words off the forum. Attempts at beating the word censor by changing a letter or two, or replacing a few letters with asterisks will result in an infraction.

3) No Nudity - It doesn't belong here. There are other sites on the internet if that's your bag.

4) No Rude Comments on Fishing Reports - We encourage people to post reports, and we will not allow bashing, such as "Why didn't you just keep 3 and release the rest?" If it's legal, it's their right. Leave it alone.

5) No Bashing Sponsors - These folks are spending their hard-earned money to help keep this site alive. If you have an issue with a sponsor, handle it via email or PM. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to mediate. If that doesn't work and I feel the sponsor is at fault, they will no longer be a sponsor.

6) No Racist Comments - Again, we're all adults here. Let's be civil. If you have no tact or couth, please pretend you do while you are on this forum.

7) No Posting of Others' Personal Information - Don't post anyone else's email address, phone number, home or work address, etc. without their permission. This may get you permanently banned without warning.

8) No Bashing This Site - If you don't like it, find another place to post. I believe in free speech, and there are millions of other sites out there you can speak your mind about this site on. I welcome constructive criticism, but it is ALWAYS best handled via PM or email. This may get you permanently banned without warning.

9) No Trying to Get Around a Ban - If you get banned for infractions, just do your time and come back a new person when your ban is up. If you try to evade the ban, your ban will be lengthened, possibly permanently. If you are permanently banned, trying to evade the ban can cost you $1000 per sign-on attempt. I don't plan to ever have to enforce this, but you agreed to this contract when you created your user account. See our Terms of Service here: Terms of Service

10) Be Respectful of Others and Have Fun!


Reporting Posts That Violate Forum Rules

If you see a post on SaltyCajun that violates any of our forum rules, please use the Report Post feature that appears at the top of each post as an exclamation point within a triangle (see picture below). This will alert all of the mods and admins about the questionable post so we can remove it if it violates the rules of the forum.

Please do not directly email or PM a single moderator to report a post, as the post remains visible on the forum until that person logs in next, which may be quite a while.

Please do not use the Report Post feature for general conversation with the moderators or to annoy the mods. Improper use of this feature will result in an infraction.

The Report Post feature may also be used if you make a post or start a thread that you wish to have deleted for one reason or another. Please note that we will not edit your post for you. We will only delete the post when requested.


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