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Msucowpoke51 12-07-2020 01:47 PM

Smoker/Smokehouse suggestions
Need some suggestions on a smoker.. I'm open to any and everything at the moment while I try to figure out what will work best for me

Looking for the best application for what will be used mostly to smoke sausage, but also capable to doing to good job with smaller stuff too (butts, briskets, etc.)

At first I was thinking about just going ahead and building a smokehouse which would be best for big batches of sausage, but thinking I want something smaller with plans to build a smokehouse in the future.

smooth move 12-07-2020 04:16 PM

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i tie my little smoker/pit into a tray cabinet a friend gave me. i put a 110v burner in the bottom and it supplies 200 degree heat and the little smoker provides the smoke. works pretty good for large amounts of sausage and big meats.
dang, thought i had a better pic.

lil bubba 02-02-2021 06:32 PM

I have a masterbuilt electric smoker works great for temps above 200....To smoke sausage and auduille I go down to 150 for at least 3 hours then kick up to 175...The problem is if the element is not on there is no smoke....Well i was smokeing turkey necks and such and the element went out....few screws out and out comes burner throw in a few charcoal with wood on top and best it ever come out...made a lil tray and use 8 charcoal with about 1x1 piece of wood 4 inches long put in 3 coals ad piece of wood every hour and i can smoke 10 pounds at a time which last me and my wife till the next time......If I want to do a roast or butt I use 18-20 coals to start.....Either way as you go you add less coal cause you start cooking with wood....If I ever need another smoker it will be only coal fired.....

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