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lil bubba 01-11-2020 04:31 PM

Reduced Limits on trout ?????
Well I think most of the few left on here are from the west where I gather there are reduced limits already ....So to kindle the fire I say reduced limits don't really work....Most recreational fisherman don't catch limits often to start...There are three types of fisherman...Recreational ,,,,Commercial ,,,,,and outlaw,,,"illegal".....Illegal is the most harm on the fishery....A recreational without a license or one fish over limit is ILLEGAL.....Same as commercial....Commercial means you are doing something for payment...If you are doing something for payment you abide by commercial law....If there is no commercial season on redfish or trout then if you accepting money for people on board you should not have a recreational limit for yourself....You charter 3 days a week and come in with your limit and clients ...Multiply your fish x's 52 and you put a whoop'n on them....And yes I understand guides give away a lot of fillets to the less fortunate but you still taking a lot of fish out the system.....Same as outlaws....Personally I think there is a need to reduce statewide...And guides have no limit unless fishing on there own...And go to 13-14 inch minimum.......On another note years ago a man named Gerald Horst stated we would enjoy a bonanza of fish as the marsh erodes away until its gone......I think he gets the last say so....

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