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capt hoop 03-27-2012 08:52 PM

Venice 3-24 & 25
Rob (BlueH20) and his gang hit Venice again this year. I always look forward to seeing them. Unfortunatly I was unable to fish with them much because of other commitments and I took a day off for my 70th birthday. I will put up what I have and if he wants to chime in and post some pictures he can.

I made a point to go to the docks after spending most of the day with my wife. There were some boat problems with one of the 3 boats they had chartered. Jerry Allen (poco loco) was the replacement boat and he asked me if I wanted to deck for him. Never have to ask me twice. We ran to the west and the 2 other boats went east. First mistake. After hitting a few places with little encouraging signs we went another 22 miles out and found some tuna. All the other fish like amberjack were not wanted and the wahoo are starting to move out so they are spotty to say the least. Once we hit the other rig we were able to find some yellowfin.

Nothing as exciting as some top water tuna action. We did manage some tuna in the box at the end but the other 2 boats were in earlier and had us beat with the catches they had. Bottom line we fished hard and managed to put 6 yellowfin in the box. Largest about 50.

The next day I had a run on a 33 Grady White. This is a very nice private boat with all the bells and whisles. I made a decision to run the area to the west as the other 2 boats had done the day before. The water changed so I decided to run the shelf rigs. This gave the owner a chance to mark a lot of spots and learn the general area for his future trips. Capt Eddie was fishing along side me most of the day. At the second rig we loose a nice big 60 pound class wahoo. While Eddie was getting a stray fish or 2 I was getting baracudas. With cudas bothering us and loosing a good hooter you have to fight your inner self to keep on hoping for a good day. We picked away at the fish still. The baracuda and sharks were thick as heck. One of the highlights of the day was top water action again. This time instead of casting out where the tuna were the guy casts into the rig. He has a large brown fish surface and nail the frenzy popper. I am thinking cobia. As the fight continues it is deffinatly not a cobe. Turned out to be an amberjack.

We had another on at the same time and the guys let them get tangled bad. Only managed one to the boat. The one on the popper threw the trebble hook about 20 feet from the boat. We lost several in the rigs and the stuff on the bottom. I think we went 4 out of 10. It was action but agrivating for me. I am not used to loosing so many but it happens. The boat is new to the captain and he is just learning about this type of agressive fishing. I will most likely be fishing this boat again on Saturday. Will try to get some pictures of it then.

Ended the day with a few amberjacks and 1 small yellowfin that was nailed on a popper blind casting.

Life is good!

Fishing is not a matter of life or death. It's more important than that.


Slidellkid 03-27-2012 09:21 PM

Thanks for the report

bjhooper82 03-27-2012 10:27 PM

I always enjoy reading your reports. Keep em comming capt!!

DUCKGOGETTER 03-28-2012 07:12 AM

Awesome pics and thanks for the report

shellman 03-28-2012 08:05 AM

Awesome capt.

swamp snorkler 03-30-2012 09:52 AM

You still Offshore fishing @70 that is freaking fabtabulous.........great reports!

jchief 03-30-2012 11:00 AM

Good meeting you Wednesday morning.

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