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Ratdog 05-01-2014 02:43 PM

Best reel that holds resale value. In 30-50 class saltwater
I think is avet followed by peen.
What do y'all think.

I'm bent over twards avet ex-2 50 and 30 wide.

I just got avet reel catalogue and am excited about the reels.

I am hopeing for good resale value on them if something happens and I or family needs to get funds.

I guess I'm looking at them as good performers and as an envestment.

I plan to put them on several rods and work um to death.

Penn will be backup rods and reels for that bite u get we're precision is less important as a turniment.

I grew up with penn but they moved then moved back and avet is us.

So please state your ideas and explain if you can as I just like um won't help with resale.

Please keep in mind I have the mind set for offshore deep sea fishing. There are just too many choices for smaller inshore reels I would like to stay away from them right now.

So 30 -50 class tackle for offshore.

Thanks ratdog.

MathGeek 05-01-2014 02:56 PM

One thing to consider is whether you expect to be advertising to a regional or national market when it comes time to sell.

Most of the bigwater guides on the Great Lakes and mid-West and Western Reservoirs use line counter reels for trolling and running down lines for the big freshwater species (Muskies, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Stripers, etc.) We also learned precision trolling techniques for walleye and trout that require line counter reels. Due to their bigger potential market, line counter reels from manufacturers like Daiwa and Okuma may hold their value better than similar reels that are more tailored to salt water applications.

Once you've fished with line counter reels, it's hard to have the same comfort level with others. The distance reading becomes less accurate after a couple hundred feet, but to know what the reading was on the last bite so you can put your bait in the same place and have others on the boat put their bait in the same place is a huge advantage.

capt coonassty 05-01-2014 03:02 PM

While looking at used reels on eBay and thehulltruth it seems that penn, shimano, and avet all % wise are about the same for resale. Price really depends how much you beat them up. If I were buying used reels, I would be taking into consideration that I'm going to have them reworked anyway. Personally I like Avets because of their weight and size. Another thing to consider is that if you want to have them worked on, most likely there is a guy locally that can work on penn or shimano. Idk about avets just yet, but for $40? you can send avets back to the factory to have them reworked. Also with braided line and Avet raptors you can fish pretty high line weight in a smaller lighter reel. I know some of the non raptor visions have some binding issusues due to the torquing on the bearing but as long as you have a drag scale and don't fish them buttoned down it wont be a problem.

meaux fishing 05-01-2014 05:43 PM

Every charter boat I have been on uses Tiagras, with the exception of the guy in Antigua he used Alutecnos... Although I have heard a lot of good about the Avets

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