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billystix custom rods 12-01-2009 08:28 PM

Camo rods from billystix custom rods "spiralstix"
another good buy, i have had several of you guys e mail me in regards to wanting to get a camo spiral built and i have i believe 6 on hand that i will build for $190 plus ship.
My regular price on the camo rod is $250 and trust me that is a good price if you compare it to other custom builders so at $190 it's a sweet deal but it's while they last, and they will have regular guides if you want titanium i will up grade the camo to titanium guides for $25 that is another $75 savings a set of titanium guides retail for right at $100 less a dollar or 2 so if you have been thinking the camo now might be the time to move on that one as well.

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