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marty f 12-26-2014 10:40 AM

The No Report Report 12-26
Havent been fishing for a month, literally! Woke up Christmas morning made momma sausage and eggs and THEN asked if I could have my Talons to install, she said yes! We were waiting to open presents for when my kids and in-laws got here. She knew I wanted to go fishing the day after Christmas.

Got straight to work in unpacking them and sorting nuts bolts tools needed

Got the jack plate adapters installed and installed the Talons, but no wiring, family arrived.

So after present opening it was time to cook, Grilled BBQ chicken and Down Home sausage, twice backed potato casserole and sweet potato pie. Between flippin breast and sausage :rotfl: :smokin: and mashing taters I was out trying to route wire on my boat. Finally got it all done about the time the pie and potatos were done in the oven.

All through dinner I keep looking at my phone looking at weather reports, this app and that app hoping something would tell me different then what was being shown. 50% rain 10-15mph winds and 60 deg for Hackberry, that normally translates to 20-25 mph winds. Fishing big lake is tough when the wind is up. The temp dosent bother me, the rain dosent bother me, the wind can be managed to a deg, although I have been there when no mater were I went I got my butt kicked by the wind. But having the three combined was looking gruesome, strong winds with cool temps and cold rain= tough fishing for my 12 yr old fishing partner, but I was going to let it ride and take our chances.

930p rolls around and I start feeling pretty bad with a killer head ache so I make the call to cancel our fishing, my son was "well dad probably for the best, the weather was looking pretty bleek" so off to bed I go.

I wake up at 4 am, I guess I was ready to go and didn't know it. take a look at weather and it still has the same out look, I fumble around, get a drink of OJ trying to decide if I should go wake my son up, after I had told him he can sleep in. I decide to go back to bed, no fishing for me.

So now here I am on saltycajun while everyones sleepin and I look at my weather report and radar Hackberry 12 mph 55deg and rain is building aline to the north west, will probably reach down to BL later.

Did I make the right call? who knows. Id still rather be out there, then here on the computer writing some stupid dribble about not going fishing :shaking: . I guess Im going to shoot for Sunday, cant tomorrow, we have Christmas 2.0 with the other 1/2 of family

sorry no refunds for the time you wasted in reading this!

keakar 12-26-2014 11:44 AM

well at least you will be starting the new year with your new gear

alphaman 12-26-2014 03:47 PM

Awesome report. Keep it 100 as they say

RichWentFishing504 12-27-2014 11:34 PM

Why the talons instead of the power poles? Just wondering. I have none on my boat and was wondering.

legallimits 12-29-2014 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by RichWentFishing504 (Post 734301)
Why the talons instead of the power poles? Just wondering. I have none on my boat and was wondering.

There's a couple hundred reasons per pole. If you don't break them, you'll save a little cash. If you do, you're SOL. Minn Kota doesn't stand behind their product like powerpole does. All that said, I'm too cheap to buy either one. But I just got an Ipilot (gps trolling motor) which is the bomb.

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