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redmann 03-16-2019 07:49 AM

Fishing & crabbing big lake
Planning to take wife and kids fishing and crabbing in big lake in a couple of weeks. Can anyone recommend where to go?



Pat Babaz 03-19-2019 03:58 PM

I'm not the big lake pro by any stretch but since no one else has answered your question yet, I'll give you a little general direction. If you launch on the East side(Hebert's) go to Grand Bayou, you can crab and fish behind the weirs. If you launch on the West side(Sabine Refuge), you can put in at Hog Island Gully and crab/fish the cuts heading back to the ship channel or put in at West Cove launch and crab/fish west cove canal heading back toward west cove. Good Luck, hope you have a great time with the family!!

redmann 03-20-2019 06:36 AM

Thank you

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