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MEM1971 05-05-2018 10:05 PM

5-31-18 tough day Kelso
Launched at spicers at crack of dawn Thursday morning grabbed a quart of shrimp and started fishing. Fished all day til 1 before calling it. Caught at least 25 reds but everyone of them were 14"--5 1/2 "! Caught two little trout. Watched several trout being caught by a guide that kept drifting the same 100 yards back and forth from amaco dock to next curve by butterfly frame. He was fishing plastic on the bottom very slow!! Extremely slow. He was catching but never saw his sports catch one. So I thought I'll try my live shrimp on bottom. Nothing . So rather than switch to plastic like I should have I worked my way down to cuts around black lake and salt ditch. Caught more rat reds and a few baby flounder. Wanted to try plastic when I went back thru there but was whipped and just called it. Had plenty action between the rat reds, pup drum, sheep head and baby flounder. Best part only caught one hard head! Talked to another guide fishing washout off salt ditch and they had caught a hand full of nice trout early when tide was going out but as soon as is started in dirty water returned and trout left. Looked like they had a couple limits of flounder. Before leaving he did say it was weird cause the trout were not eating shrimp and I was like tell me about it. Fished out of my Lacassine rig so never made it to the lakes or channel. Thinking about a surf trip soon so hopefully better reports to come. Everyone tells me to fish north for redfish and flounder and every now and then they catch a few trout and they are usually big trout. Not much difference in salinity of water in hackberry and under I-10 right now and water better looking up north. I think those trout were down deep in kelso for saltier water and just not feeding good that day. Idk. Can't wait to get back in my bay boat and put some time in on the lake and find em but if north wind continues I'm trying the surf. Tight lines everyone!

Robert Haynes 05-06-2018 07:17 AM

5-31-18 tough day Kelso
Thanks for the report. I dont get down there but once a year in the fall. I still check reports so I can daydream of fishing Big Lake.

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MEM1971 05-06-2018 04:13 PM

5-3-18 cant seem to edit that

Flex 05-06-2018 07:01 PM

We fished it all day there friday and saturday. Caught more reds than I've ever caught in a day before! Unfortunately all but two undersized.

I threw purple/chartreuse DSL all day. Brother and dad threw love shrimp. Also several 13-15" black drum.

Saturday was nothing but trash fish and small black drums. No reds.

But i did pull some crappie back in TX today!

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