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tim3516 01-18-2015 05:24 PM

Strange spots on bass
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Does anybody have an idea of what this is?
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alphaman 01-18-2015 05:31 PM

He ate a bad batch!

simplepeddler 01-18-2015 05:49 PM

Very common actually down in the Stephensville area

Cajun87 01-18-2015 06:11 PM

Just a color morph

tim3516 01-18-2015 06:16 PM

It's just wierd. I've fished the same pond for twenty years and don't remember catching any like this. Three out of the first five fish I caught were like this, all in the same area. None of the others were like this.

jpeff31787 01-18-2015 06:49 PM

KVD says signs of a healthy fisheries. I've caught a few like that as well, and as far as I know the fisheries was very healthy lol

tim3516 01-18-2015 07:13 PM

It's out of the pond in the settlement. There's plenty of bass but I don't know that it's healthy. Then again I'm not a professional on the matter

simplepeddler 01-18-2015 08:23 PM

I know the ones in the tank at Bass Pro shops in Denham are full of those spots.

tim3516 01-19-2015 08:26 PM

Thanks guys. It's weird I've never seen it bwcote

LPfishnTIM 01-19-2015 08:41 PM

last month i caught a few with the same spots.

Smalls 01-19-2015 09:11 PM

Did some research on this. Apparently this is something that occurs in bass across the country. In Pennsylvania, they call it "blotchy bass" or "black spot". It's just a genetic mutation where more melanin is present in the skin. Nothing wrong with the fish, just one of those strange things that nature does sometimes.

T-BAZ 01-22-2015 02:05 PM

I've caught several in toledo bend like that.

tim3516 03-05-2015 08:22 PM

Same area or spread out, this was all in the same spot

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