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duckman1911 03-18-2020 09:47 PM

First Responders and Covid 19
Haven't posted here in a long time.
Just curious how your local Fire/EMS departs are addressing this. Paid or volunteer matters not. We don't have confirmed cases in Rapides Parish right now so my department is in a hold pattern but cautious. Our dispatch has been told(I'm sure it's statewide) to ask certain questions on medical calls. I could likely see the medical call crew operating separately from the fire crew. Just a speculation on my part but may be something that is discussed. Thoughts from any FF or EMS peeps on this?

Pat Babaz 03-28-2020 12:07 AM

In Calcasieu as of today(3/27), I think we have around 23 cases. The only thing I know about the fire department is that they have a burn ban going I guess to free up the firefighters in case they are needed for Covid stuff. Most people I know are cutting way back on social outings but not entirely eliminating them. Everyone seems to be practicing good hygiene and staying away from the elderly and weak as much as possible. Its not perfect but most people are trying. I just hope we can flatten the curve without flattening the economy in the process! Good to know you are still around duckman, ya'll take care

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