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swamp snorkler 03-26-2021 01:09 PM

RIP Salty
Just read on FB that Stanley "Salty" Wheat passed away. He was a founding member of this site. Going to miss the old Baw.

His Profile.

ckinchen 03-29-2021 10:27 PM

May Salty Rest In Peace I hope he did not suffer. He’s the salty in salty Cajun as I understand it. He and I spent a lot of time talking life and sports.

mriguy 04-05-2021 01:18 PM

Dang, RIP Salty

calcutta37 04-18-2021 06:30 PM

RIP Salty... He was a nice old man. Had some lures painted by him that turned out great.

BayBolt23 04-28-2021 02:56 PM

Oh damn I?m just seeing this post!
RIP ole Salty!

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