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cajun bill 09-01-2017 09:18 PM

Need some boat stuff
Just bought a "new to me" boat and looking for some "stuff", i.e. gauges, glove box, compass, etc. Any recommendations on which website has the best variety and prices will be appreciated.

tigerhead 09-01-2017 09:45 PM

Here's two of my go to sites:

You can buy direct from Hodges Marine and I've seen them beat most prices on many occasions.

You can't buy direct from TH Marine but their stuff is good and they have a huge variety. Find what you want and then click on "BUY ME" and it will give you a list of distributors. But the best way to get the best price is to find what you want and then paste the Manuf. Part # into a search engine and look for the lowest price.

Gerald 09-01-2017 11:16 PM

Check Amazon..... you would be surprised what boating stuff they sell.

cajun bill 09-02-2017 06:02 AM

thanks guys

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