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PReaux 09-25-2010 08:34 PM

Do it hurt? . . . .
These two gals from South Selma, Alabama decide they wanted to go to the zoo. They made arrangements and off they went. The first thing they did is get some popcorn and a large soda. They started walking around and came up on the gorilla cage. They were watching the gorilla when the gorilla noticed them. The gorilla went up to the bars and motioned for them to come closer. One of the girls went around the barrier and walked up to the bars.

The gorilla reached through the bars and snatched the girl and drug her through the bars. He the began to have his way with her. He raped her, sodomized her, made her perform sex tricks on him. He then proceeded to throw her around the cage like an American Tourister suitcase. After he was through, he gave her a "golden shower" and pushed her back through the bars. She fell out on the ground. Seeing this her friend called for an ambulance. They came and picked her up and took her to the hospital.

After a couple of days the friend went to see her in the hospital. She walked in and saw her friend with casts, splints and IV's. She looked at her friend and asked her "Do it hurt? . . . .

Her friend looked up with swollen, black eyes and said "do it hurt? . . . .

He don't call me,
he don't come to see me,
he don't send me no flowers,
He don't send me no candy . . .

Oh girl, "do it hurt!!!"

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