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eman 05-19-2013 09:08 AM

Let's be careful out there
Yesterday i took a ride to ramah to do a little fishing. When i got there i headed south . Found the road blocked by emergency vehicles down by the gas wells . Life flight was taking a guy away in the chopper.
Seems he was riding the top of the levee at a high rate of speed and lost control in a tight curve and rolled his PU down the levee. Don't know if he survived ?
Fished a few areas for a couple hours w/o any success. decided to leave and ride over to false river. when i got back to the hwy going to 190 i rounded the 1st tight curve and more emergency vehicles. Seems a Motorcyclist had entered the curve to fast and ran off the road. Driver was killed and passenger was injured. Driver was a policeman from Lafayette as reported by WAFB in B.R.
I know this was the first pretty weekend we have had in a while . But there was no reason for these injury's and a death.:(

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