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Pat Babaz 05-24-2014 01:50 PM

hawk moths and potatoes
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I dug up my red potatoes yesterday after 95 days in the ground because the vines were starting to die off. 2lbs of slices(about 20 hills) yielded only about 5lbs of potatoes and they were mostly small. I also noticed a lot of these things in the soil. I think they are hawk moth larvae. My question is, do ya'll think this is what ate my potatoes or was there some other reason for the poor yield.\U...WF89\photo.PNGAttachment 67626

Elbert Chamblee 05-26-2014 10:25 AM

hawk moths
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I dug up some last week and noticed some holes bored in them but two weeks ago they were in better shape. Last week they were starting to look bad probably because it is so dry. Sandy loam soil 3 rows about 80 yards long.
Wound up with about 7 five gallon buckets per row.
The guy that planted them is in MDA for treatments and ask if i would go dig up a bunch, so i dug for 2 days until i gave out. Got Mr Ray and family a bunch of potatoes. All i need is a sack of crawfish.

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