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Originally Posted by MathGeek View Post
We have an ascend 12+ footer that leaks in rougher water.

The paddle approach is lacking greatly for covering distance or making headway in wind or current.

If I ever buy another, it will be the peddle kind.
For distance and fatigue, I don't really see a difference btw paddle/peddle. I paddled my son's kayak at Indian Creek last july and took off for a 4 mile tour. Next day I took the hobie (my first time in a peddle), and did the same track. I expected to be able to do it quicker and with less fatigue....neither was the case. Both peddle and paddle comfortable speeds are about 3mph. When I got out of the outback, I didn't realize how tired my legs were until I got out and almost fell with noodle legs. After paddling the big tuna, I did not feel very fatigued. I still want a peddle though, because I do like to be hands free.

Just wanted to share my experience with the two types.
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