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Originally Posted by MathGeek View Post
Wonder what CCA's position will be on the crab thing?

Bet they don't support an increase in the redfish limit to save the crabs.

All of U are Delusional if you think Raising the Redfish limit will save the Crab pop..

Where is the science?? Lawlf biologist have got the data... I was at a earlier commission meeting... When the biologist spoke and showed the harvest data..

# 1 select crabs are being flown out of this state by the 100's of thousand of #'s a day to the Chesapeake Bay area...

And Crabber's are running 1500-3000 Traps in the water in Verm Bay alone.. Multiple that X 100 crabbers on Verm. Bay alone... Then go state wide...

Restaurants are selling boiled crabs 5-$6 for a regular male crab... 11-$13 a piece for Jumbo's...

Thats about on par with the Commerical Red Snap fisherman saying me catching 2 RS is ruining the fishery...
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