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I have a masterbuilt electric smoker works great for temps above 200....To smoke sausage and auduille I go down to 150 for at least 3 hours then kick up to 175...The problem is if the element is not on there is no smoke....Well i was smokeing turkey necks and such and the element went out....few screws out and out comes burner throw in a few charcoal with wood on top and best it ever come out...made a lil tray and use 8 charcoal with about 1x1 piece of wood 4 inches long put in 3 coals ad piece of wood every hour and i can smoke 10 pounds at a time which last me and my wife till the next time......If I want to do a roast or butt I use 18-20 coals to start.....Either way as you go you add less coal cause you start cooking with wood....If I ever need another smoker it will be only coal fired.....
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