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Originally Posted by Clampy View Post
He's got this view of pot head and he just won't let it go so he clings to reefer madness to make him feel better about stereotyping a big chunk of the populous.
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I have boatloads of personal experience with marijuana users. A number of family members have been pot smokers. These were the ones most likely to be moving back in with momma, getting fired for not showing up to work, being late, or poor work, or generally leeches on the system and family.

As a teacher, I also have considerable experience with marijuana smoking students. One's ability in math and science falls drastically when teens begin smoking weed. One's motivation toward education also dramatically tanks.

The science is sound on these same points. Marijuana use lowers IQ and significantly reduces educational outcomes, especially when use begins during the teen years. Use among teens in Colorado and Washington has significantly increased since legalization.
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