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Originally Posted by specksNdaSURF View Post
Still not many good reports coming from PI marshes ..... I dont get it.. coldest couple wks of weather I can remember in years yet still no big push to speak of in the marsh. Now there are areas in central LA rice fields that are holding numbers but still below average for the most part. Hoping I get to make a few more hunts up that way.
The lease I got in on in PI (North side about a few miles West of rollover) is basically over grown. We have like 500 acres with only 1 pond which has zero feed in it and a small pot hole that holds teal at times that are hunt able. The other 2 - 3 blinds have Sylvania or is covered up in saw grass. I should of did more research on my end before I got in but you live and learn. They will need to drain it or burn it. I do hear more shooting to the East of us but not really a lot. My last few reports have been hunts at my rice field spot SW of Kaplan. Yesterday 2 of us shot 5 in SW Kaplan.
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