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Originally Posted by C-Bass2mouth View Post
It's true, if a blind comes up for lease there is always a reason for it. No one gets off of a jam up spot voluntarily. But some spots I see people give up, or complain about have potential, and they just assume because there are decoys out and their guns are loaded that they're supposed to limit every hunt. It's not 1983 anymore, brush your blind, put some effort into your spread, maybe listen to a real hen once and a while and practice during the off season. Now don't get me wrong, there are countless scenarios that can make it just a BAD blind (location being the primary reason), but if you have birds in your area, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Sure it might not be just a rape fest every hunt like the good ol days, but honestly there's not a whole lot of difference between killing a few birds in a hunt, and limiting. Better shooting, better shot calling, better decision making, better dekes, better brush. I tend to think of it how I think of bass fishing, it's a percentage game. You get X amount of casts per day (replace casts with amount of ducks flying close enough to give you a look) the less casts you make, the lower your chance is to catch (or the less ducks you have the less chances you have of killing, duh right?). Improve the efficiency of each cast, and your chances of success go up. Everything else you can do only increases or decreases your chances. My point being, you're not gunna stumble across a blind of a lifetime, just get that out of your head. If you find an average one, be happy with it and put the effort in to squeak out a few more birds per hunt, and over the course of a season it will add up. Some people just get it in their head that they won't change how they've hunted with success in previous years. For example "I ain't using mojos, or buying them fancy decoys, I've been blowing this faulks and killing ducks without all that stuff for years." The same scenario with the guys who didn't want to get on the Alabama rig train just because it was so different than what they were used to or "unfair." I've said it before and I'll say it again, adapt or die bruh. lol

how do you improve the efficiency on ducks flying close enough to give you a look?
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