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Commissioners need to go. They do not have public interest in mind. This could not be any more clear after the survey this year was completely ignored. Selfish individuals should not be in charge of making these decisions, especially when they go against recommendations of our head state waterfowl biologist and the general public. Makes me furious.

It is not unreasonable at all to have a vote every year taken by the general public. Everyone that buys a duck stamp the prior year should be able to vote on these issues. The state has all of the data on who buys stamps each year, so I don't know what would be so hard about going to some sort of system like that. Let Larry Reynolds do his job, make a few proposals each spring for the upcoming year, give us his recommendations in a little write up, and let the hunters vote. Politics should not play a role in these decisions, and that is all it is with the comissioners. Don't think there wasn't any "if you vote for this, then I'll vote for that" going on between commissioners this year.

The state is already spending money on surveys that are completely disregarded, so there is no reason why a statewide vote couldn't happen every year. Cost should not be an issue here.

Don't come back at me either with "seasons need to open earlier, look at the data." November 7th is the absolute earliest the coastal zone ever needs to open. Of course we will kill more birds early, they are uneducated. If we started hunting January first, we would still smash the ducks for the first 23-30 days. It's sad to think that there is a possibility that we would start on, lets say, November 1st on the years when the 1st is a Saturday.

I have hunted all 60 days of duck season for the last seven years, and I without a doubt see just as many birds in our marshes in January as I do in November. What months do our surveys show the highest numbers of waterfowl in Louisiana?

Let our head waterfowl biologist do his job. Take commissioners out of the picture, as there is absolutely no reason for them. Let the public vote, and if people still don't get their way, then they can at least live with the fact that politics and selfish individuals weren't involved.
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