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Originally Posted by cmdrost View Post
CCA not spearheading this.....You honestly think they'd waste their time with this if it wasn't a concern???
Yes i do.
and from the emails i got and from a post from david creason they are spearheading this along w/ the sen and jenkins.
And it's only a concern from a certain few folks.
Just like the reduction from 25 trout to 15 trout was over in big lake.
CCA said that they polled the membership and that the majority said reduce. when in fact they only polled members in the L.C. area.
Again ,Just like the reduction ,They have NO biological evidence to support their claims that bow fishing is hurting the red fish and / or that gamefish status means that red fish should not be harvested w/ a bow.
Jenkins claim that bow fishing reds is like shining deer is a big smelly pile of B.S. they do not freeze under the light . In fact the run from it.
Don't believe me ? google bowfishing red fish and watch. or even better do like i told jenkins. Go on a bowfishing trip for yourself.
No one will ever convince me that a sport (bowfishing) that takes less than 2% of the reds harvested every year in louisiana is hurting the overall population .
If the air boats are the problem then they need to police the airboats .
If outlaws are the problem then LDWF needs to hammer them.
But for me to go out in a boat w a few lights and shoot 5 legal reds is no different than anybody else catching them on a rod and reel.
I was a member of CCA at one time and they in my opinion need to leave the fishermen alone and start spending their time worrieing about costal errosion as in a short time we won't need them as we won't have the marsh and fish to worry about.
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