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Default Henderson labor day

I actually found some sac a lait today. I launched my kayak under the basin bridge in Henderson and searched north of the interstate for a while. Only found 2 small sacs near the pilings. Threw them back. About noon I switched to the south side and hunted a while. I found a small cove right off of the interstate drag strip. Lots of bites just couldn't hook up that much. I caught about 20. Kept 9 and a bream. What surprised me was I was only in 3.5 ft of water the whole time they were biting. I figured the first few bites were small bream, but it must have been sac a lait. They were biting the same all day. The one bream I kept choked the jig so far I just cut it off and retied. The big one was 13". Surprised me in that 87* skinny water.

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