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Originally Posted by I make oil View Post
I feel the CCA is the best thing we have going to protect our fisheries. If you don't like the job they are doing, or think you could do better, then PLEASE feel free to start a new organization and run it the way YOU feel it should be run. I personally don't have the time or inclination or interest, so I've decided to work with what is available. I am an active member of the CCA and volunteer my time when I can. I've learned a lot more about the organization by working in it than I ever knew by just paying my dues and fishing STAR. Do I like everything they do? No, but I feel I can more effectively change the things I don't like about the CCA by working with them rather than talking about them on internet forums. If you spend any time working in the CCA as I'm sure Raymond will confirm, it is a huge organization run by good people. Some of which have ego's as large as yours who also think they know exactly what should be done by the organization. Running a non-profit can often be much more difficult than running a for profit business due to government regulation and funding. I know because my wife works at one. There is always a lot more going on than you see. Influencing the Government and its policy is a huge undertaking and responsibility. The CCA works to help the entire Gulf Coast not just Big Lake. They have to look at the big picture and what is best for all their members.

I can't speak on the oyster issue on Big Lake because I don't fish there and have no real knowledge. I have spoken to friends who do fish there and they tell me it is a big problem. Why don't the local politicians, the ones who you and the citizens of your area vote in. Not do anything to change the policy? Surely there are more local recreational fishermen around than commercial oyster fishermen. Perhaps you guy's need to form an organisation to push your own agenda to the state. Maybe ckinchen can get on board with the strength of this site. Post up the phone numbers and emails of the politicians from that area. Find out who is pushing the oyster fishing in BL and target them. They have a weakness find it and exploit it. What do the trained biologists say? Organization is the key. Otherwise all ya’ll are is nothing but a mad mob with no direction. The CCA started from a bunch of people mad about Gill Nets. Look where they are now. A little organization goes a long way.
Your 100% right the CCA is all we have
And I have been a member for years and will continue to be s member

Like I said...our focus should not be a 450,000 reef when we have oyster boats destoying our lake at will

If were going to just put artificial reefs in the lake.. That is great but let's protect them

CCA or Me or anyone knows where oystering lines will be moved next. They said they would never touch the east side ....well they killed it
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