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Originally Posted by I make oil View Post
W who is this they? How do they have this authority? Who gives it to them? Who want's things to change? What good are we doing by complaining about these problems. GET ORGANIZED! Seriously, you know lots and lots of people who fish that area. You have their respect. USE IT! Obviously recreational fishermen are unhappy. I am more than willing to assist in ANY manner that I can and so are many others not from that area. Find a focal point(why not you?). Get others together and decide what the common consensus is about the issue. Spread the word and get community support. Then get some sound scientific data to back up your claims and create a Non Profit with a name. Save Big Lake or something like that and let the politicians or who ever it is allowing this to happen that your PISSED and are not going to stand for it! Seriously W use your network and get something done. Find who is pushing the Oystering agenda and SHUT THEM DOWN! It's not just about you it's your kids and their kids. We must protect our resources. That's why I'm in CCA.

I know its easy to say but the people who use Big Lake need to raise their voice or risk loosing it all. Like I tell my kids. If you don't make a decission or stand up for what you want for yourself. Then life will make a decission or choice for you. And I can assure you it won't be one that you like. If your wrong at least you are wrong because of a choice you made. Not doing something is a choice too.

^^^This is why I pay the CCA every year

Im just waiting on that email from David C with the Itemized cost of this half million dollar reef
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