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You did read Speckdaddys post right? Just like I figured, CCA is not funding this whole thing, the money is not all from CCA it is from endowments , grants, and other revenue sources. I work for a non-profit organization and I PROMISE you when I say that there is tons of paperwork to fill out to make sure that donors or family members do NOT get special attention and special kickbacks, it is just the opposite. All avenues have to be exhausted in order for a major donor or family member to do the work. CCA likely either proposed the establishment of a new reef or were approached to the do the work because who else would tackle something like this? The Big Lake fishermen association, Friends of 'W', or Speckled Trout Unlimited?

I think this is a great thing, I mean where would you rather this concrete go? In a slatwater environment that has the potential to grow oysters and other invertebrates, or piled up in the middle of a parking lot? I understand that the other reefs may not be perfect, but they are a start, and if you want to volunteer your time to help start a petition to save these reefs that probably would not be a bad thing
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