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Originally Posted by BloodKnot View Post
W, I agree with your points. CCA does waste much of its money. I stopped giving mine years ago after meeting with several people that ran CCA. In my little opinion, these CCA executives were getting nice salaries (they kept talking about it), didn't fish that much, and didn't care to fight the battles we care about. Maybe that has changed but you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The CCA seems more concerned with making a nice article about creating a reef and then letting it die as the major public didn't notice.

I don't have the knowledge or wallet to start a foundation or association to help protect Big Lake. But I would be first in line to donate money if there is someone or some organization that will make southwest LA a priority.
Well I like the CCA......I voice what I feel I need to and some like it and some don’t but I really don’t care because I just tell it how I see it.

Now that I know the Funds are coming from a Reef Fund I feel a lot better about this project. Do we need extra 20K on future research???? Not really but what do I know I just fish...

Over all CCA has done a great job at getting things done for us as fisherman..... Do I like the BIG MONEY GUYS RUNNING IT as Board Members ...NO I don’t because most never spend any time on our waters to even know what we lack...they go by hearsay and we all have hearsay....

Guides like 15 trout limits because that less time they have on the water..... Smart fisherman know it’s killing our overall size

Board members hear the oyster boats are killing the reefs......Fishermen like myself have gotten out and walked them....and dragged them and watched oyster boats dump shell on banks.....

There is the difference between a guy who sits in an office all day and one who knows W T F is going on
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