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Originally Posted by BloodKnot View Post
W, I agree with your points. CCA does waste much of its money. I stopped giving mine years ago after meeting with several people that ran CCA. In my little opinion, these CCA executives were getting nice salaries (they kept talking about it), didn't fish that much, and didn't care to fight the battles we care about. Maybe that has changed but you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The CCA seems more concerned with making a nice article about creating a reef and then letting it die as the major public didn't notice.

I don't have the knowledge or wallet to start a foundation or association to help protect Big Lake. But I would be first in line to donate money if there is someone or some organization that will make southwest LA a priority.
Not trying to argue, but you must realize that when it comes to the 'higher ups' that have all the credentials most of the top execs have, you have to pay for them or else they can easily go into the private sector and make much more money. It would be nice if a Ph.D. researcher who really enjoyed doing what he does went and did all this for $50k/year, but the reality is that when you want the best people, you have to pay for them. Most top execs of non-profit organizations such as CCA, Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, etc. are some of the brightest, most informed people there are (they are the best) and to have the best you have to pay for them

It seems like they are making SW LA a priority if they are spending money to create an artificial reef?
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