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Rifle, pistol or shotshell? I know of no classes. The folks at Louisiana Gun and Reloading Supply on Jefferson may know of such. I learned from the Lyman's Reloading Handbook for rifle cartridge and an equivalent book, back in the '70's for shotshell. If you follow their directions, which are conservative, you will stay out of trouble. I have been loading rifle cartridges of and off for 25 years. In the last 4 years it has been more 'on' as I do a lot of competitive shooting. Palo Alto Rifle and Pistol club has a lot of members who reload and would be willing to help. I would do the same but I am in Lafayette. I load 2000+ rifle cases in a year and have some pretty pricey equipment for precision and speed. But, I started with a basic RCBS Rockchucker press/loading kit that has all the major components one needs to get started. In fact, I still have and use the 25 year old Rockchucker II for secondary operations and loading. You can get started and load high quality ammunition without spending much money. another forum, accurateshooter, has areas dedicated to reloading and helpful folks.
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