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Ok. Let’s think about it this way. We’re all sportman right? For me it’s the thrill of trying to succeed fishing or hunting, as I’m sure it is most of you. I don’t need to catch 25 trout or kill 6 ducks every time I’m out the house to enjoy myself. Being a sportsman should also mean being a conservationist. The species thriving whatever that species may be is what should be important to any sportsman. Nobody on this site eats every fish they catch or every duck they kill. So let’s say what I told you all earlier today about 30 & 3 is a possibility, because believe me it really is and I know this for a fact. It’s not “fake news” as “the point is the bomb” says. And if you really from erath I’m sure I know who you are.

If we want to better our situation. Then we as sportsman need to trust the research done by people who do this research for a living. And these people don’t do this research because they get paid top dollar to do it. They do it because they care. As we all should.

The tides always change gentlemen.
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