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FlagUS Good experiences with ATN

I have been using the ATN X-Sight 2 scopes for about a year now. They are well worth the money. I have used the Pulsar 750 and the ATN and I have to say, that I like the ATN better. They are accurate and have a ton of really cool functions for the money.

One plus is that it is both a day and night scope. The older x-sight 2 is a battery hog and I would never hunt with just the 4 double AA batteries that fit in the scope. Any cheap phone charger and a mini USB will power the scope for hours and can be easily engineered to mount to your rifle stock. I have mine mounted to the scope with a 1-inch scope ring.

If you are night hunting, you need to make sure that you have a good IR flashlight and backup batteries. In the daylight, the ATN x-sight is a bit blurry once zoomed in to max power but can be focused enough to place a good shot on anything you want to hunt. Even in daylight mode, these things really see in the dark after other expensive scopes fade.

There are too many features to mention. Some I like the best are one shot zero, and profiles. You can set up to 5 detailed profiles and use the scope with different loads, calibers and even different rifles by changing the profile, way cool, one scope, different calibers and rifles etc.

With any camera type scope, the only drawback is that they are not scopes but really cameras and if your batteries don't work, neither do your optics.

good luck and good hog hunting!
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