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Originally Posted by Clampy View Post
the sky has not fallen in Colorado or Washington
Why would one expect the society level effects to be more rapid than the personal level effects? Weed production in these states is still ramping up to meet increased demand. Once availability, use, and abuse reach their peaks for a period of time, then the effects on society will be felt. I'm estimating about a decade, because that's the amount of time for todays teens to be fully integrated into the workforce and their educational deficiencies to have a real impact on economic productivity.

Originally Posted by Clampy View Post
Just because someone takes a toke in the evening instead of beer does that mean they can't be productive?
Less educated -> less productive. Lower IQ -> less productive. Less motivated -> less productive. Motor impairment -> less productive. No one has suggested productivity of drug users or drug abusers is zero, only that it is lower.

Originally Posted by Clampy View Post
Porn is legal. Messed up plenty of lives but none of us want that banned and if you do I'm confused.
Children should not have access to adult porn, and no one should have access to child porn. Most adults would be shocked at how much porn children are accessing through school and library IT systems. Adults would also be shocked at how much child porn originally is uploaded to the internet through school and library IT systems. Child porn should remain a crime, and schools need to greatly increase their diligence to reduce the abuse of their IT systems in these ways.

Originally Posted by Clampy View Post
You should have the right and think you do to fire who ever for what ever. Shouldn't be just for something in there urine that doesn't show intoxication at all. Blood test yes. Only way to test if they legitimately impaired at that time. If you think Johnny is a terrible employee then fire his worthless arse.
The liability of the employer is too great to close his eyes to drug use, especially if employment duties include operating machinery (including vehicles), complex analysis tasks with safety implications, handling dangerous chemicals, etc. Employers should be able to fire employees based on any violations of the employer's drug policy without needing to prove actual impairment.

Originally Posted by Clampy View Post
" I have a dream that one day a man will be judged by the contents if his character and not the contents of his urine. "

Spiral Out
Violation of law and violation of an employer's drug policy reveal significant character issues. An honest character simply refuses up front to agree to a drug policy one has no intentions of abiding by.

Or do you pretend that fraudulent agreement to a drug policy is not a character flaw?
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