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Originally Posted by twentythree View Post
This is exactly what I'm looking for, I get being inshore a ways too to avoid storms and flooding are there any other particular places I should check out? I'm planning on making several trips down to scope it out, the first being later this summer. I'd like to be an hour maybe two at the most from the salt as long as there was plenty of other stuff nearby to do (hunt fish etc.) rivers lake swamps. A reasonable cost of living would be nice too.
each persons own interests and needs makes this hard to answer.

for me im ok with higher risk, so I live 5 minutes from the boat launch in golden, meadow, la 70357

its behind a levee protection but its not well protected from storms. the kids there still say yes sir and no sir when they speak to adults (most of them anyway) and the crime reports are 90% filled with contempt of court instead of murder, theft, and violent crime.

best advice I can give is to think about your main areas you want to spend the most time to hunt and fish and then look at the areas near that.
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