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Default More Action last night

Well we didn’t kill em all. Almost got a shot on a nice buck last night. While 7 pigs were playing in my food plot, I look to the north where my friend shot his deer and there stood what looked like a horse. Now where this deer is standing is where it gets dark first. I call it the “tunnel”. There are overhanging trees that totally block out the light. I could tell the deer was big and that the rack was fairly tall in my binos. Couldn’t count the points. I couldn’t see him at all in my scope. I need him to come closer and come into the light so I start calling some with bleat and grunt. He starts moving closer but he is taking his time and it’s getting darker by the second. He is now only about 60 yards away and I need him to come about ten more yards and then I’d be able to see. Well he takes a trail into the woods and I do some more calling but he doesn’t come out this time. Dangit, at least I know there is another good buck hangin around.
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