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Originally Posted by specksNdaSURF View Post
Its all about being on the X and that goes for marsh and rice field hunting. Just bc you have rice and in a good flyway doesnt always equal ducks. Louisiana duck hunting has gotten very spotty over the years and its Feast or Famine just about everywhere rice or marsh hunting but esp rice fields.
THIS X 10....^^^^^^^^^^^^

My rice field lease SW of Kaplan there is a blind about 250 - 300 yards North of me on different lease. Rice or not they do not shoot near the ducks we shoot on my lease. I do not know what it is but it has been that way since I started hunting my lease in 2008. That farmer pretty much has a new hunter (sucker) every year....LOL

Even the lease I am on (2 blinds) my blind is usually the best of the two year in and year out.
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