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Thumbs up 2012 traverse alternator

This job is not a 1200 dollar job. An hour and a half once you know how to do it.
You need a 10mm,13, 14 and a 15mm. A two piece flat belt tensioner bar and a E8 socket.
Remove the right front wheel and the front wheel well panel. Take the belt off and unbolt the idler pulley under the alt. It bolts to the under side of the alt. Next from the top take the nuts off the studs and remove the clips that hold the wires and hoses. I forgot to mention to remove the radiator overflow first sorry. Next us a E8 socket to remove both studs above the alt. Two people at this point really helps. Do not try to pull it from the top. The alt will slide out the right front wheel well with somewhat ease. To take it out from the top could require fan removal and not necessary. Please make sure the battery is disconnected first. I did this from the right side of the engine where they recommend jumper cable placement. I hope this helps. I saved my sister a lot of money. About 170 for the alt and a couple of hours of repairing cause it was my first with this vehicle as well. E8 socket if you don't know what it is. The best I can describe is a reversed star bit socket. Good luck hope this helps to save you money as well
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