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Originally Posted by DaPointIsDaBomb View Post

In mid-March, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries sent out a press release indicating that an internal assessment of the state?s speckled trout stock showed it was being overfished, and landings had decreased to their lowest levels in recent years.

But Patrick Banks, assistant secretary for fisheries, said trout limits for 2019 ?probably? would not be affected while the results were being reevaluated by department biologists.

?We will have a better sense of where we are when the stock assessment results are compiled, evaluated and finalized,? Banks said in the release. ?But we do know that the stock?s numbers have dropped.?

That news perhaps didn?t come as a huge surprise to some coastal anglers, who have reported fewer and fewer speck catches over the last several years.

But it did raise lots of questions, like when exactly did the department start realizing the stock was overfished.

Overfished???? Where was WLF when we had those hard freezes. Stock assessment should have taken place right after those they're just guessing. Whats left of our fish stocks cannot support the fishing pressure of liberal limits. Weather induced fish kills not over fishing caused the drop in stocks. If WLF continues to hang their hat on over-fishing we will see a permanent reduction in our limits, maybe even a closed season.
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