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Default Anyone Watch UFC on FX1 Saturday?

I was cooking so missed most of the prelims but the main card was in beast mode. Matt Brown(The Immortal) put Diago Sanchez to sleep so hard I thought it was dirt nap time. That right elbow landing behind the ear and Sanchez was out. First thing to hit the canvas was his forehead. What about our La boy Dustin Poirier against Anthony Pettis. Not sure what caused Anthony to tap but he hurt something. Pulled a rib, broke a rib or pulled a muscle when trying to roll. I hope it is something he can recover from. Dustin clearly had the upper hand before that and they were both covered in blood from Anthony due to a wicked elbow from Dustin. If you missed it youtube Matt Brown v Diago Sanchez. That was a brutal and instant KO.
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