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Originally Posted by all star rod View Post
Hunt my lease SW Kaplan...2 of us shot 12.

2 pins...Could shot 10 but would of been happy with the past two per man limit
2 spoons
8 teal

Could of shot black jack by the dozens.. lol

Normally on a day like today we shoot nothing but big ducks. However, I did see more ducks moving North- South and visa versa today. Why the hell did they drop the limit from 2 to 1 pins this year. Freaking pisses me off.
Still not many good reports coming from PI marshes ..... I dont get it.. coldest couple wks of weather I can remember in years yet still no big push to speak of in the marsh. Now there are areas in central LA rice fields that are holding numbers but still below average for the most part. Hoping I get to make a few more hunts up that way.
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