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Originally Posted by duckman1911 View Post
You gota love this time of year. The air is finally giving some relief and it brings hope that the scorching days of summer are drawing to an end. Its that time of year when our attention starts to be drawn to campfires and hunting stories.
The dove hunters have had their chance and guys are now working on limits of teal for the pot. Next is the opening weekend of squirrel season. Its a deeply rooted in our heritage as any type of hunting. Im sure that most of us can remember our first time at squirrel camp as youngsters.
I was once a devoted squirrel hunter but as I got into my early twenties I stumbled upon this foolish notion that squirrel hunting was for beginners and not worthy of a real hunters time. So for about the next decade it was nothing but duck blinds, decoys, deer stands, food plots, and feeders for me.
When our son started getting to the age he was ready to go hunting I decided squirrel hunting would be a great way to start. I dusted off the ole squirrel gun and hit some of my old stomping grounds to check them out. What I realized was that squirrel hunting wasn't as easy as it used to be. It wasn't because the woods were crowded or because there was a lack of squirrels. It was because I had been slowly forgetting how to hunt. All of that time in a blind and box stand had made me great at sitting and watching but I was slowly loosing the things that keep a keen edge on your woodsman skills.
Its time to dust off your ole squirrel gun and keep those skills razor sharp. Oh and take a youngster with you. It just may be one of their fondest memories of you. J
A cat squirrel will show you how good a hunter you are real quick lol...
my grandpaw is the best squirrel hunter i have ever seen could prolly get a limit in wal-mart parking lot he has shamed me many a time on opening day
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