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well, its a hard subject to grasp. but if you are open minded about things its easier to see the big picture. yes its hurting the fisherman at this moment, but think about long term. you leave the weirs open or take them out, the marsh dies out and turns into open water. whats the reason the shrimping has been good in past years? what do shrimp feed on? dead vegetation? a dying marsh eqauls lots of shrimp food. a dead marsh equals open water, subsidence, erosion, and the end result would be no food for shrimp and prolly hardly any shrimp. not only for the shrimpers, for the fish to eat, and if there are no fish food then there are no fish. i know that is exaggerated but look at the long term affects on the system. the weirs are only trying to be a band aid for part of the system. to help protect what is left of the marshes. look at a natural delta and how it works. like the one that used to be at the mouth of the old calcasieu river..... with out the weirs and the way they were designed to be operated, the cameron creole watershe will turn into a lake with no vegetation to die off and feed the shrimp.

hopefully this wont cause any trouble i just want people to start thinking more open minded about things. i know its hard to. i also love to fish and spend almost every weekend on the water somewhere. would love to fish more but unfortunately i am not lucky enough to do so.

so remember this isnt meant to start any drama, just my opinion from an ecological view point.

also just some info, the weirs have fish slats for fish to move in and out.
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