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Originally Posted by "W" View Post
That marsh is the food chain to the lake....when you cut the food chain off what happens?????

When the weirs were blow out we had the best numbers for redfish and trout choke it off..depletion of food...

You are correct with those statements, but you have got to know that the entire west side of the lake IS marsh.

I don't doubt that the fishing was great after the storms but that was likely due to all the decaying vegetation that was blown in or vegetation that was dying from the saltwater intrusion in the marsh that is not tolerant of saltwater. The food chain starts with the plants, you kill them and replace them with saltwater tolerant plants and your primary production will go WAY down. Freshwater marsh is one of THE most productive ecosystems in the entire world.

Fishing was also great offshore right after the storms, I don't think that had anything to do with a weir being blown out in Big Lake

The weirs serve a specific purpose = to keep saltwater out the freshwater marsh, not for shrimp, not for redfish, but to keep the marsh intact and keep this region from looking like most of SE La. The ship channel is the main culprit, maybe they should fill it back in and plant cypress back around the lake
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