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Originally Posted by Broke Down View Post
Stay on track with your eating habits, stay away from most white foods, and learn you sugar patterns. My wife has been dealing with the same thing for a while, you will be fine.
Does that include the "white lightning"?

Thanks for your encouragements. I'm cutting back on carbs and white foods, but still sneaking a bit of rice (just a little) into gumbo. Gotta have rice in gumbo.

Thanks for all your prayers.

I am happy to report that your prayers are already being answered. This morning, my blood glucose level was 91 mg/DL, which is below the prediabetes threshold (100 mg/DL) for the FIRST time since my diagnosis. I still have a long way to go and lots of self-control to apply to nutrition and exercise, but this is an important first sign of progress!

Praise and be to God in Jesus Christ!
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