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Originally Posted by Broke Down View Post
Swap you white rice to brow (I know, it isn't the same) along with whole grain pasta. Just look at the carbs and be aware what you buy. As far as the white lightning, a low carb corn base with some fat free yeast may work On a serious note, some alcohol drinks can jack it up wife doesn't drink so I can't comment. You will be fine, plus if you stick to the diet you will shed some weight.
I wish I could experiment more with healthier foods, but with the menu and budget issues feeding a family of 5 (three teens), I am limited by established patterns, what the rest of the family likes, and what the cooks are willing to prepare. For now, I need to figure it out with smaller portions of the high carb items that are already in the regular menu rotation. I think over time my wife will make some healthier adjustments, but it will get a lot easier to adjust the menu in a healthier direction after the teens go to college.

Alcohol is a complex issue as related to diabetes. Lots of calories, varying levels of carbs depending on the drink. My preferred choices tend to bring lots of carbs with the calories. But since it is an area where I can most easily cut carbs and calories without impacting my nutrition or the family menu (and positively impacting the budget), this was one area where it was easiest to cut calories, carbs, and costs.

It's kinda funny. The prescribed medicine (metformin) only costs $4 a month. Gonna likely be a lot more expensive to eat healthier and exercise more. But if I can drop 30 lbs and delay the onset of full diabetes a decade or more, the improvements in my quality of life and long term health should be much more than worthwhile.

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