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I agree that it's likely electrical cause it's almost all electrical computer controlled now and it shifts too good goin down the road. Was hoping it would go away like it did first time I even reprogrammed computer a couple times but no luck. Only has issue not engaging in reverse for 3 seconds to 2 minutes but only when cold or sitting for several hours. In between goes right into reverse gear. Fluid looks and smells fine. It is almost a quart too full but has been that way since I bought it in 2014. First I'm going to drain some fluid and add some trans conditioner or something like that. If that don't work I'll likely have the filter and fluid changed. I hate doing that cause I've had bad luck in past never working again after filter change but that was a Ford trans. Some say not to flush it so don't want to do that yet. If it was shuttering going into overdrive I may flush butthen again that's more of a Ford issue also. I'm worried it will lose reverse completely when I need to pick up boAt at launch. It is weird for sure!
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